Alex Tinson has been given a clear insight into the scriptures and an intense burden to help others get founded in the truths of the faith through his teaching ministry. Being ever mindful of the closeness of the Lord’s return, Alex feels a tremendous burden for many in the church who appear to be sound asleep in their faith. He feels a particular concern for those who have wandered from the path of faith, possibly without even realising it as he did himself for so many years.

Born in England he experienced a radical conversion experience at the age of 16 that propelled him into the modern Christian world. Spending much time in fellowship with Pentecostal, Charismatic and Baptist congregations he eventually was drawn to the dynamism and promise offered by the Faith Prosperity movement. Sensing the call to ministry he left all to attend the Word of Life Bible School in Uppsala, Sweden. This was where he met his future wife Tanya, a lady who had been brought up within the Pentecostal church behind the iron curtain in Bulgaria.

Following their marriage in 1992 they threw their energies into raising a family and promoting the Word of Faith message wherever possible through preaching, teaching and financial partnership. Whilst serving as an elder in a large new-breed style Australian church plant in south London he underwent a defining experience that led him to begin questioning the Word of Faith/Prosperity message along with the popular psychology that seemed to drive much of the teaching he was hearing. By the grace of God his eyes were opened and he came to realise that much of what he had previously held so dear was in reality a corruption of Christianity and in many ways could even be accurately termed, “Another gospel,” (Gal.1:9).

The enormity of this realisation compelled Alex to diligently study God’s Word for himself rather than rely on what other people said about the Bible as he had done for so long previously. As he sought for the truth of God with his whole heart, the Holy Spirit began opening the scriptures to him in a quite profound manner. Whilst the insights he received were exhilarating, they also proved daunting as it soon became clear they revealed a different God to the one many were familiar with in church and a different gospel to the one that many were proclaiming today. These glorious truths he discovered have now become the foundation of his life and gospel work.

Alex’s ministry is characterised by depth, a pursuit for accuracy and a conviction based on an understanding of the awesome holiness of the Sovereign Lord. God has gifted him as a teacher to the body of Christ, and he seeks to sound a clear note, a plain message in a day when the gospel has become confused and the waters have been muddied. Many speak of being challenged to, “Press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus,” (Phil.3:14) through this ministry.

Waves of apathy and lukewarmness have washed over the church in recent times yet it appears few realise the seriousness of their situation. The Lord is coming to, “Judge His people,” (Heb.10:30) yet large swathes of the church just assume everything is okay not realising they are not ready or are unprepared for His coming. Alex senses the call not just to teach but to warn, exhort and challenge this indifference and lethargy in God’s people by presenting the authentic gospel Jesus and His apostles preached. To this end he ministers as an elder at the Crawley New Life Church, UK, and speaks at churches and conferences both nationally and internationally and through his web-site www.gospelrevolution.org

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