The ministry of Alex Tinson is available here as a resource to feed, challenge and build up the body of Christ. As with all ministry you receive, check it out with the Word of God yourself and if the Lord ministers to you through it, be sure to share it with others!
What is the Law of Christ?
If the Bible says that we are no longer under law, how can we be subject to the Law of Christ?
Christian Leaders at the Judgement Seat of Christ
What is going to happen to Christian leaders when they appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ?
Leadership in the Church
What is the standard of leadership God expects of those who head up His church?
Mission to Uganda 2009
We joined a team from Mission for Vision to provide specialist eye care, evangelism and to conduct pastors conferences in Uganda during 2009.
Once Saved Always Saved?-The Narrow Path Part 1
Whilst God knows those who are His, as far as we are concerned salvation is a journey requiring us to remain on the narrow path of faith God calls us to travel upon
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New Book
The Gospel of the Kingdom
"This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come," Matthew 24:14
What is the Spirit saying to the church today?
What is the Sign of the Son of Man written about in Matt.24:30?
What will happen at the Judgement Seat of Christ?
A Word for our Times
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