The ministry of Alex Tinson is available here as a resource to feed, challenge and build up the body of Christ. As with all ministry you receive, check it out with the Word of God yourself and if the Lord ministers to you through it, be sure to share it with others!
The Return of the King
Will you be ready for the King when He returns?
The Day of the Lord Part 1
The Kingdom parables point to a separation that occurs at the return of Jesus, a separation between the servants of God and not between the church and the world
The Day of the Lord Part 2
What is actually going to happen on that great day?
The Throne of David
The Kingdom of God is established when Jesus sits upon the throne of David, but this has not yet happened. It will when Jesus returns.
The Gospel of the Kingdom
What is the Gospel of the Kingdom that we are supposed to be preaching throughout the world before Jesus will return?
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New Book
The Gospel of the Kingdom
"This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come," Matthew 24:14
What is the Spirit saying to the church today?
What is the Sign of the Son of Man written about in Matt.24:30?
What will happen at the Judgement Seat of Christ?
A Word for our Times
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