Israel the Church and the Covenants of God
Indepth look at the three main covenants of God, namely the Abrahamic Covenant, the Mosaic Covenant and the New Covenant. How they all relate together, which ones are obsolete and which are still relevant today. We specifically look at questions such as, 'Who did God make His promises to?' 'What is the blessing of Abraham?' 'Who does the land of Israel belong to?' 'Does Israel have a future in God's prophetic dealings?' and 'What is the circumcision of Christ?'
Blood Covenants
What covenants are in the Bible, which are obsolete and which ones are still valid. Specifically looking at the Abrahamic the Mosaic and the New Covenants. Which of these apply to us and how do they relate to each other.
The Blessing of Abraham Pt.1
Who is heir of the promises made to Abraham? To whom did God make the promises? Is it the Jewish nation or is it the church? Or is it that simple? A much needed look at this area that has caused such dissension and debate within the church today.
The Blessing of Abraham Pt.2
Do you know what this blessing is? An indepth look at what the blessing of Abraham is as opposed to what most people think it is today.
Circumcision of Christ Pt.1
The spiritual significance of circumcision, how it relates to our sanctification and how there is no such thing as a work-less Christianity that obliges us nothing. It just depends on what type of works we're talking about. Exploring the myth of the cheap grace message that is so popular in many churches today.
Circumcision of Christ Pt.2
Continuing to look at how the Spirit circumcises our hearts.
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The Gospel of the Kingdom
"This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come," Matthew 24:14
What is the Spirit saying to the church today?
The Fear of the Lord
What will happen at the Judgement Seat of Christ?
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory.
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