Death and the Afterlife
A look at what the Bible says about where we go when we die. Looking at where each part of us goes and what places such as Sheol, Tartaros, Paradise, Hades and Gehenna are like.
Spirit, Soul and Body
Who are you and what are you? What makes you, you and where does each part of us go when we die?
The Resurrection
A look at what will happen at the resurrection of the righteous and the wicked. We also start looking at Sheol and Hades as places in the afterlife.
Sheol and Hades
What is Abraham's bosom and who goes there? Did Jesus take it up to heaven with Him when He ascended on high? What is Sheol like, and what are places like Tartaros and the Abyss?
A brief chronology and overview of what will happen with the righteous and wicked dead at the return of Christ. Also what will happen to them during and after His 1,000 year reign upon the earth and the Great White Throne judgement that follows. A look at how the souls under the altar fit in with the afterlife, and what are those places in the Bible called Gehenna, the lake of fire and Tophet?
Are there different types or levels of heaven? Has anyone gone there yet, and how many people will go there eventually? What happens in heaven? Why do we need new heavens in the future? What will these new heavens be like, and what exactly is the New Jerusalem?
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New Book
The Gospel of the Kingdom
"This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come," Matthew 24:14
What is the Spirit saying to the church today?
The Fear of the Lord
What will happen at the Judgement Seat of Christ?
The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory.
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